It’s here! Finally, a camp that gets kids up early in the morning and ready to go! Rockstar 101 is the summer, winter and spring camp that all kids are humming about! Real live microphones, music, dance, video shooting, “the Rockstar Games”, the history of Rock and Roll, vocal techniques, character building, Rock-N-Art, Roxcercise, and the Rocko Awards (our version of the Grammy’s.)

Our little rockers have no idea that this camp goes beyond the obvious of fun through the love of music. Parents can rest assure that if your little rocker is shy or lacks confidence then Rockstar 101 truly can make a difference in that Rockstars life.


What about the Rockstar that’s not shy and already exudes confidence? Well Rockstar 101 also instills teamwork, respect of others and oneself, and RockStar challenges that deposits meaningful character traits in our RockStars.

Moreover, we want our children’s voices heard and were not just talking about their singing ability. Giving our children the tools to stand with confidence is a great gift we can give them. We know as parents that if you can go through life confidently, life’s challenges are more easily overcome. So give them this gift through an amazing program that they will actually enjoy and who knows, we may find our next big name in the music industry.